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The 50+ barbell exercises on this website are arranged by main muscle groups and are identified by their muscle names. They are also accompanied by two-frame animated illustrations as well as comprehensive textual instructions.

To access them, simply click on any of the muscle group buttons on the left menu.

Benefits of Barbell Exercises

benefits of barbell exercises

The benefits to using barbell exercises when working out are plentiful.

First of all, barbell exercises require few and relatively inexpensive equipments. Unlike gym exercise for which you need special equipments for each exercise you can perform most barbell exercises using a simple barbell, a set of weights and a workout bench. This also means that since barbell exercises take little room to perform, they can be performed anywhere; be it at home, at the gym, wherever.

Additionally, barbell exercises are very good at exercising stabilizing muscles on top of the main muscle groups. Since you are not stabilized in the same way you would be if using special gym exercises, stabilizing muscles are required to perform the exercises. This feature is helpful in making sure little muscles are not left behind are allowed to keep up with bigger ones.

Equipment Required

equipement required for barbell exercises

As previously explained, one of the key benefits of doing barbell exercises is that they require little and relatively inexpensive equipment.

Barbell exercises are performed using a barbell (i.e. a straight metal bar) and weight plates that are placed on both ends. You'll find barbell sets that let you put on different weight plate configurations and others that won't offer this option. These latter ones are called fixed weight barbell sets and are usually found in gyms. Both types let you perform every barbell exercises proposed on this website.

You'll also need a good workout bench with barbell support in order to perform bench presses and other barbell exercises that have you lying down on your back or sitting with your back supported.

Techniques Commonly Used

techniques used for barbell exercises

When performing barbell exercises it's very important to be mindful that your body is not stabilized like it is when performing exercises on a gym machine.

As such, it is relatively easy to cheat by swaying parts of your body and render an exercise less difficult to accomplish. It is therefore recommended to use and maintain good posture when performing dumbbell exercises.

In the biceps curl example, try to keep your upper body very still when doing the exercise to minimize cheating.

Words of Caution

caution for barbell exercises

You’ll need to always be alert whenever performing barbell exercises in your workout routines since the risk of injury is especially high. Because your body is not fixed in position as it is when using gym equipment, it is crucial to maintain proper posture throughout a barbell exercise.

Moreover, you’ll need to be especially careful when picking barbells from the floor and placing them back following your doing a barbell exercise as the risk of injury is high then.